Tom Wendt

Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer and Mixing Engineer. He does it all. Basically, Tom started as a singer but at this early age, he couldn’t see where this could be going. The journey discovering instruments came to an early end when he got hold of his mum’s old acoustic guitar, discovered Deep Purple’s „Made in Japan“ Album … the rest is history. But recording and mixing plus software engineering, DAWs, Synthesizers … the world is too exciting to just specialize in a few crafts and passions.

Apart from his professional duties for the Music Industry (www.integrativeconcepts.net), he is running a recording studio where he writes and produces music for films, advertising, promos, etc. and regularly produces singer-songwriters and instrumentalists.

His own music is focussed on a modern take of the singer-songwriter concept. Electronica, guitars and great lyrics are the ingredients that get him going while every once in a while he gets into a practicing frenzy and does some serious shredding as well. 

Occasionally for some of his artist friends he also gets behind the big mixing console for selected live shows as well.